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14 Great Carrot Recipes

Carrot recipes

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When I was little I was always told to eat my carrots to keep my vision perfect because “you’ve never seen a rabbit wearing glasses, have you?” Did you get fed that gem of a line? Regardless of whether or not carrots are actually good for your vision, they are pretty delicious and can be used in a variety of meals and desserts. So today I’m sharing 14 great carrot recipes!

Photo Source: Food Loves Writing

Carrot Slaw – A delicious and easy to make side dish from Food Loves Writing.

Photo Source: Pretty Fit Life

Carrot Smoothie – Makes an awesome breakfast idea from Pretty Fit Life.

Photo Source: Eclectic Recipes

Carrot Raisin Bread – Whip up a warm loaf of this carrot bread from Eclectic Recipes.

Photo Source: Fast Paleo

Carrot Dip – A healthy and nutritious dip perfect for parties courtesy of Fast Paleo.

Photo Source: Smitten Kitchen

Carrot Cupcakes – What better way to eat carrots than as a dessert like these cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen.

Photo Source: Huckleberries And Rain

Carrot Soup – The perfect warm comfort food from Huckleberries And Rain.

Photo Source: Penny Thoughts

Carrot Salad – A great spin on salad using carrots from Penny Thoughts.

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake – This recipe from Skinny Not Skinny claims to be the best carrot cake ever so give it a try!

Photo Source: K Blog

Carrot Stew – If you like a good chunky hearty stew, then this recipe from K Blog is for you.

Photo Source: Family Recipes And More

Orange Carrot Cookies – Here’s a fun recipe that your kids will love from Family Recipes And More.

Photo Source: Food 52

Baked Carrot Fries – Check out this fun twist on French fries from Food 52!

Photo Source: Meals And Miles

Carrot Veggie Dogs – This is perfect for the vegetarians in your family. I’m definitely going to try this idea from Meals And Miles.

Photo Source: Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Carrot Ginger Dressing – The perfect dressing for the salads in your life from Everybody Likes Sandwiches.

Photo Source: Off The Shelf

Carrot Lemonade – Kids love lemonade and carrots are good for you, so what could be better than this combination from Off The Shelf?

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