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Ham and Cheese Gold Fish Sandwich


School is right around the corner and all I am obsessing about is what am I going to put in my little munchkins lunch boxes everyday! We were at our local stop and shop supermarket and I picked up a package of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish sandwich bread. The bread is whole grain and a fun alternative to regular sliced bread.  I add a little fresh apple, drizzle a little honey and just like magic the kids think there eating a brand new sandwich!

The real magic is that this sandwich takes less than 5 minutes to make.  When I make a sandwich for the kids I always try to add a vegetable or fruit inside.  Baby spinach, thinly sliced baby carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and apples seem to be my go to magic tricks when I am looking for something to add in between two slices of bread. This ham and cheese apple sandwich will be your go to sandwich this school season.

1 Goldfish sandwich bun
2 slices of ham
1 slice of american cheese
2 slices of granny smith apple finely sliced
Drizzle of honey
non stick spray

1. Arrange the sandwich first lay cheese on the bottom bun then follow with ham, apple, honey, cheese then top bun.
2. Spray non-stick spray and brown the sandwich on both sides until the cheese melts.


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