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10 Homeade Donut Recipes

Who doesn’t love donuts?! Powdered, chocolate, glazed, sugar, sprinkles, there are so many choices and yet they all taste DELICIOUS. When I was a little girl, Sunday mornings meant donuts. Before we headed off to church we stopped in the same Dippity Donut store and I got to choose my favorite treat. It was a small, sweet tradition that was always one of my favorites. Today I’m thinking back to those delicious Sunday mornings when I was a kid and sharing 10 homemade donut recipes.


Homer Simpson
Photo Source: A Beautiful Mess

Homer Simpson Donuts. These creative donuts from A Beautiful Mess are a cute spin on The Simpsons’ kind. Not only are they adorable and almost cartoon like, the raspberry frosting is sure to be a fruity crowd pleasure.

Photo Source: The Pioneer Woman

Glazed Donuts. You really can’t go wrong with a glazed donut like the ones in this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Don’t you just love how the glaze that surrounds the donut just melts in your mouth?

Photo Source: Beki Cooks
Photo Source: Beki Cooks


Strawberry Donuts. Kids love fruit and kids love powdered sugar so these donuts from Beki Cooks are sure to be a hit. You will have so much fun making them together!

Devils Food
Photo Source: Katie All Over

Devil’s Food Doughnuts. When I was a little girl I would always choose devil’s food donuts. This recipe from Katie All Over brings out the best in my favorite donut. Chocolate on chocolate, dry chocolate with moist chocolate, this is perfection.

Donut Holes
Photo Source: Hummingbird High

Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donut Holes. Donut holes are perfect because you can just pop them in your mouth, and have more than one without feeling too guilty.This recipe for donut holes by Hummingbird High would most likely make us eat way too many!

Photo Source: For The Love Of Cooking

Cinnamon Donuts. This recipe for cinnamon donuts from For The Love Of Cooking combines the amazing flavor of cinnamon with a delicious maple glaze! The colorful sprinkles on top are an added bonus!

Maple Bars
Photo Source: The Food Charlatan

Maple Bars. Maple bars are my husbands favorite donut because he loves the creamy maple topping paired with the soft, flaky donut. I’ve had a lot of hints to make this recipe from The Food Charlatan.

Chocolate Beer Filled
Photo Source: Bakers Royale

Chocolate And Beer Filled Donuts. Talk about a clever and creative mix. This recipe from Bakers Royale combines most people’s two favorite things- beer and chocolate!

Photo Source: 10 Buck Dinners
Photo Source: 10 Buck Dinners

Plain Cake Donuts. Looking for a simple donut to make without any of the bells and whistles? Then look no further than this recipe from 10 Buck Dinners. A plain cake donut may seem boring to some people but some mornings all I long for is a great plain cake donut to dip in my coffee!

Photo Source: Gwen's Kitchen Creations
Photo Source: Gwen’s Kitchen Creations

Bear Claws. When it comes to bear claws, this phrase comes to mind- go big or go home. This recipe from Gwen’s Kitchen Creations combines everything I love about a donut. Sweet, salty, savory, and so much more. You could call it the big daddy of donuts.


What’s your favorite donut? Have you ever made homemade donuts? Leave us a comment and share!

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