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12 Great Potato Recipes

Did you all know that this month is National Potato Month? How cool is that?! A whole month dedicated to my favorite vegetable! I’m Irish, and that means I have to love potatoes. But I’m pretty sure EVERYONE loves potatoes right? What other vegetable can you serve baked, mashed, and as French fries? That’s a winner in my book. Today I’ve gathered together 12 great potato recipes to celebrate Potato Month! You’re going to love these!

Photo Source: Rachelle Underwood

Cheesy Potato Casserole – What goes better than potatoes and cheese? Nothing! Be sure to try this simple recipe from Rachelle Underwood.

twiced baked
Photo Source: Tasty Kitchen

Twiced Baked Potatoes – These have always been a favorite of mine, and this recipe from Tasty Kitchen looks amazing.



Photo Source: Adventures In Food

Hashbrown Casserole -Here’s a great breakfast for dinner idea from Adventures In Food.

shepherds pie
Photo Source: Easy Family Meals

Shepherds Pie – A classic mix of meat, vegetables and mashed potato by Easy Family Meals.

Photo Source: Capital City Momma

Baked Potato Soup– A yummy comfort food that’s sure to be a hit in the winter months from Capital City Mama.

Photo Source: Six Sisters Stuff

Potato Salad – Here’s a simple recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff for the perfect side dish.

Photo Source: 400 Calories Or Less

Potato Pancakes – This recipe from 400 Calories Or Less will win you over as not only is it delicious, but it’s pretty healthy too.

Photo Source: Without Adornment

Vegan Potato Bread – A great recipe for vegans or non vegans alike from Without Adornment.

Photo Source: Vegan Eats Blog

Sweet Potato Pie – Another fabulous dessert idea from Vegan Eats Blog.

red potatoes
Photo Source: Culicurious

Roasted Red Potatoes- A perfect side dish for any meal that’s different from the usual fries from Culicurious.

Photo Source: Cooking Classy

Sweet Potato Cupcakes I’m sure it’ll be easy to get your kids in the kitchen to help you make this one from Cooking Classy.

pot pie
Photo Source: Copy Kat

Potato Pot Pie – Just like mom used to make it! Here’s a dinner idea from Copy Kat that won’t disappoint.

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