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How to Make Quick and Easy Spiderman Cupcakes

This weekend my baby turned four. For each of my kids’ birthdays I usually make an elaborate cake. Last year I made a Mickey Mouse, Batman and a spa cake. The year before was SpongeBob, puppy and a Barbie Princess Cake. It’s sort of a tradition in our house for mom to make an awesome, brag-worthy cake for birthdays.

This weekend turned out a little different. My cake turned out to be a complete FAIL and since I waited until the morning of his birthday to assemble and frost the cake, I was stuck. It was supposed to be a really cool Spiderman cake but I think the humidity just took the whole cake down. It was literally collapsing before my very eyes. I don’t know what happened, and frankly, I’m pretty upset about it so I don’t want to talk about the cake.

Luckily I was able to whip up some Spiderman cupcakes in no time to save the day. My 4-year-old loved them and everyone still had cake. It is a “thing” with me that everyone must have cake on their birthday. Since I thought other moms (and dads!) might get into the same predicament or just want to add cupcakes to their Spiderman or Halloween themed party, I decided to put together a two-minute video on how easy it is to make Spiderman cupcakes. Anyone can do it, I swear!

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