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Fruits To Freeze and Serve!

Despite the fact that I am 32 weeks pregnant and sweltering in the California heat, I love summer. I love the abundance of fruits and vegetables that appear, allowing me to to create smoothies and popsicles and chocolate covered delicious-ness. When I take out my blender my 21-month old screams in happiness “JUICE!!!” This makes me smile, given that her dad was previously anti-fruit until he met “The Fruit Police”- that’s what he lovingly calls me.

You can freeze many types, as long as you make sure they’re good quality and get rid of any bad ones. You can then take them out and add them to a smoothie instead of ice, and you will still get that delicious taste. Here is a countdown of my favorite four, and some healthy ways to make the frozen fruits more fun with your little ones.

4. Grapes

Photo credit: Makes and Takes

Grapes are sweet and you can keep reaching for another one without feeling guilty. I simply take the grapes off the stalk, throw them in a freezer bag and let them freeze. But why not put them on lollipop sticks and freeze them, like Marie at Makes and Takes? They make a great snack, or even a dessert.


3. Bananas

Full of potassium and fiber, simply peel your bananas and freeze them and I can guarantee your child will love the taste. Try making banana ice-cream the easy way like Laura from Come Together Kids explains, where with only one ingredient and no ice-cream maker, it’s still creamy and delicious! Or, if you’re okay with adding a little chocolate, check out Bree’s recipe for frozen bananas here.Because you know chocolate covered bananas are so good!

Photo credit: Baked Bree


2. Berries

Photo credit: Creative Gourmet


All the berries- raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, freeze well, but you may want to put them on a tray first in the freezer, then remove them and place them in a plastic bag. This way they will freeze separately better than if you were to put them in the bag first and then freeze. You can eat them as a snack or most people enjoy using them to make delicious berry smoothies. Here is another drink idea from Creative Gourmet that looks and tastes great!

1. Watermelon

Photo credit: Eating Out Loud

One of my favorite fruits of the year is watermelon. And during summer, we love to blend some with a little ice (not too much or it becomes too watery) and serve it. Or, and this is my daughter’s favorite treat, pour the watermelon juice it into popsicle-trays overnight and enjoy the treats the next day. We don’t add any other ingredients, but this recipe for Watermelon Mint Popsicles sounds very refreshing. Give this a try in the 100 degree heat, with your feet relaxing in your toddler’s paddling pool…. Or is that just me?

What fruits do you enjoy the most during summer?

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