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Package Juice Alternative: Citrus Spritzers

For the first two and a half years of my oldest sons life we kept his beverage options to three things: milk, water and seltzer. We’re not a big juice family for many reasons, namely SUGAR and because I really see no good reason to give it to young ones when eating whole fruit is just as delicious, healthier and full of fiber. Also, did you know that pre-packaged juices are one of the most common causes of pediatric diarrhea (info from my pediatrician)? I know! Great word to use on a food blog but I thought it was an interesting piece of information. Moving right along…

My son is three and a half now and while he does have juice from time to time, we still try to keep his beverages relatively low in sugar. When he wants something more exciting than the norm, I like to create special drinks for him and serve them in a fun glass (as pictured above). He thinks they’re just great and I have a blast coming up with various concoctions and presentations. I’ve also found that this is a great way to get liquids in your kids when they aren’t feeling well. I try to make liquids a little more exciting by offering something in the fruit variety—usually a freshly squeezed citrus juice or a fruity herbal tea thats lightly sweetened and served warm or chilled.

Case in point, my son was sick a few months ago and pretty miserable. He didn’t want to eat and was looking so sad and pathetic. I had already offered him a myriad of snacks and beverages (even chocolate milk) but he wasn’t interested. That’s when I decided to combine some freshly squeezed tangelo juice with a little seltzer and serve it in a tall shot glass. No, this isn’t  rocket science and it’s barely a recipe, more of an idea to play around with. Go ahead, play around in the kitchen and see what flavor combos you come up with.


Citrus Sprtizers

Serves 2



1/2-3/4 cup freshly squeezed clementine juice or orange or tangelo (really, any sweet citrus you like will do)

1/2 cup seltzer



1. Divide citrus juice amongst two fun glasses. top off with seltzer and serve with a straw and a thinly sliced wedge of citrus as garnish.

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