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Chocolate & Banana Stuffed French Toast

One of my weekend treats for the family is french toast stuffed with bananas and chocolate chips. The kids don’t usually get chocolate in the morning so this is a real treat for everyone…who doesn’t love to wake up and eat chocolate?

I was at Whole Foods, my home away from home, and I saw whole wheat challah bread in the deli section while I was waiting for my cold cuts. I was soooo excited to see whole wheat challah bread because I have never seen it before.  Some people get excited over new clothes, I get happy with glee over new food items.

I grabbed the bread as if someone was going to steal it…I smelled it, touched it, and I practically ate it right there.

I took my new food find home and made french toast the next day. I cut a slit in the middle of the toast and stuffed it with fresh sliced bananas and chocolate chips. You can stuff it with anything you like- try strawberries and ricotta or lemon curd and blueberries. You have endless filling options! I add pureed banana to the batter to make them taste really bananaee…is that a word?  You can add whichever pureed fruit to the batter to pack a better punch of flavor. This is a great breakfast recipe if you have overnight guests… Warning! They may not want to leave after you serve them this type of french toast.

1 Loaf of whole wheat challah bread
4 Bananas -2 slices, 2 pureed
2 cups of milk
4 eggs
1/4 cup chocolate chips
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
2 tablespoons of butter

1. In a bowl, combine the milk, pureed banana, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.
2. Slice challah in thick slices and cut a small opening in the bottom of each one. Stuff with your favorite filling.
3. Soak bread in the egg mixture until the bread absorbs the mixture. 5 minutes should do.
4. In a pan, melt butter then cook the french toast for 5 minutes on each side until golden brown.

* Makes 8 slices of french toast

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