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Sugar Cookies to a Whole New Level!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we make more batches of cookies than I can count.  Tons for the cookie exchange.  A few dozen for the preschool party.  Then there are cookies for the neighborhood party.  Don’t forget baking with the kids every other day.  So  many cookies so little time!

We make all kinds from peanut butter to standard chocolate chip to pumpkin.  But my kids’ all time favorite cookies for the holiday season are cut-out sugar cookies!  They love making the dough with me, each one taking a turn at pouring in the ingredients.  They love rolling out the dough.  And they especially love using cookie cutters to cut out all kinds of shapes with the dough.

We have a standard set of cookie cutters that we normally use that includes a snowman, santa, snowflake, angel and christmas tree.  While those are still fun, we found a great new company that have opened up our world to the different possibilities of sugar cookie shapes we can make.

Ann Clark Ltd. are “The Cookie Cutter People from Vermont”.  They KNOW cookie cutters.  This family-run business has been handcrafting cookie cutters since 1990.  Like I live baby products, I’m sure they live cookie cutters.  They offer well over 100 different cookie cutter shapes and sizes.  Cookie cutters for all seasons and occasions.  Want a traditional shape like a butterfly, apple or an angel?  Yep, they have those.  Or maybe you’d like something different like a breast cancer ribbon shape or a high heel shoe cookie cutter?  They have those too.  They even have a quite a few cutters shaped like states.  They don’t seem to have Illinois so I won’t be making sugar cookies for my next “I Love Illinois Party”.  (Just in case you don’t know me personally, that “IL party” won’t be happening!)

I could go on and on about the variety of cookie cutters that the Ann Clark company has to offer.  But why not just see for yourself here.  Plus, these aren’t any flimsy, bendy cookie cutters.  They tin cookie cutters are sturdy and keep their shape even when my 3 year old tries to squish them in his hands.  Plus, I love that each cookie cutter comes complete with a sugar cookie and frosting recipe card attached.

For more information on Ann Clark cookie cutters visit their website here.

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