Rhubarb Banana Bread

Over the summer we were gifted a ginormous bounty of rhubarb. I didn’t really know what to do with it all, so after a round of pie and muffins, I diced it up, put it into freezer bags and added it to my deep freezer for another day. Well, another day has come and 2 cups […]

Kid Friendly Dinners

Some kids will eat anything and some kids (like my son) are incredibly picky. So I’ve been looking around and picked out eight kid friendly dinners that I hope all children will enjoy. You can even get your little ones in the kitchen with you to make some of them!   Sloppy Joes From Six […]

S’Mores Bark Recipe

Beware! If you are on a diet (which is just wrong during the holidays, by the way!), you might want to steer clear of my food posts for the next week or so. Holiday baking is in full effect at my house! Cakes, brownies, cookies, candy – we are making it all. This morning we […]

Christmas Biscotti Recipe

For years I’ve dreamed of making my own biscotti around the holidays, but it always seemed like a step above my cooking abilities. Come to find out, it is much easier than I expected and this chocolate-y biscotti is now a family favorite! Next round we are going to nix the nuts and try a […]

Double Chocolate Holiday Oreo Cookies

Don’t miss another fabulous recipe! Follow us on Facebook for yummy recipes everyday! Holiday Oreos are just the best! Each major holiday or season, Oreo comes out with a special holiday version – Spring, Summer, Halloween and my personal favorite, Christmas. To be fair, they don’t call them Christmas Oreos, they call them Holiday Oreos. […]

Peppermint Oreo Cookie Brownies

Don’t miss another fabulous recipe! Follow us on Facebook for yummy recipes everyday! It is the holiday season already and that means that I’ll be baking, baking, baking! I don’t have to tell you that I love this season because we tend to be a little dessert heavy here! At this time of year, I’m […]

10 Delicious Recipes Using Cereal

Got some cereal lying around the house? It doesn’t just have to be eaten with milk, it can be used in a wide range of recipes, some of which you’ve probably never even thought of before. So I wanted to take things to a whole other level by rounding up some recipes that use cereal […]

Cool Birthday Cake Inspirations

I am a die hard cake lover. Any excuse I have to eat a cake, order a cake, design a cake, or bake a cake, I will use! I’m constantly looking at Pinterest to find cool and creative cake ideas for my family’s future birthdays and today I wanted to share 10 of them with […]

Paleo Banana Scramble

So I know it sometimes feels like all we talk about Baby Gizmo are chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate recipes, but we can be healthy too. Sometimes. I have been looking into the Paleo diet, which focuses on eating wholesome food while emphasizing the importance of getting enough sleep and exercise…. The sleep and exercise […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Don’t miss another fabulous recipe! Follow us on Facebook for yummy recipes everyday! We thought we’d take a temporary break from Halloween desserts (for just a day!) and feature a delicious cookie that can be enjoyed all year round. This is my go-to cookie for holiday cookie exchanges, fancy parties or just family get-togethers that […]