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Cocktails and Mocktails for a New Year

We’ve rounded up some amazing cocktails and mocktails that are perfect for the New Year! Whether you are looking for a cocktail or mocktail, we have something for everyone.


blonde gourmand
Photo Source: Blonde Gourmand

Vanilla Sugar Plum Cocktail. This tasty cocktail from Blonde Gourmand combines vanilla, plum juice, and champagne! Perfection.

two tarts
Photo Source: Two Tarts

Ruby Yacht Cocktail. Champagne, pomegranate juice, and simple syrup make up this festive and bubbly drink from Two Tarts.

how sweet eats
Photo Source: How Sweet Eats

Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria. A fresh orange, apple, pear, and pomegranate are added to red wine, brandy, and pomegranate soda In this recipe from How Sweet Eats to create a large pitcher full of winter sangria that will be a crowd pleaser!

raw mazing
Photo Source: Raw Mazing

Fresh Cranberry Ginger Orange Punch. A non-alcoholic punch is sure to be a hit for New Year’s Eve! This recipe from Raw Mazing is sweetened with honey, agave, or real maple syrup.

the little kitchen
Photo Source: The Little Kitchen

Frost Bite Mocktail. This recipe from The Little Kitchen is perfect for non drinkers who still want a fancy drink! Blueberries float in a crystal, sparkling beverage that uses a lemon-lime soda for the fizz. With the flavors of lime, pineapple, and grape juice, this drink looks and has the feel of a cocktail, but it’s non-alcoholic!

gluten free fix
Photo Source: Gluten Free Fix

Peppermint Mocha. This recipe from Gluten Free Fix is a DIY version of the popular, seasonal coffee house drink: coffee, cocoa and peppermint extract are combined in this hot drink that tastes like a melted chocolate mint candy. The perfect non-alcoholic drink to warm you up if it’s extra cold on New Year’s Eve!

The fromagette
Photo Source: The Fromagette

Cranberry Vanilla Cocktail. This skinny cocktail from The Fromagette is mixed with sparkling water, gorgeous, and a low calorie drink!

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