Cinnamon French Toast with Spiced Maple Syrup

Prepare yourself for a new type of French Toast: one that is taken up a notch with a spiced maple syrup! The subtle difference of infusing your maple syrup with fragrant spices such as cinnamon, star anise, peppercorns and cloves is what transforms a classic dish into a gourmet dish. The addition of orange zest adds an extra […]

Nutella Stuffed French Toast Roll Ups

I know, I know, I’m on a healthy eating kick lately, and yet, I’m sharing a Nutella recipe with you? Yes, sometimes we all have to cheat a little because it’s all about moderation. What better way to cheat than with the most delicious breakfast rolls that I’ve ever made. These are so good and […]

Pancakes, Waffles And French Toast, Oh My!

It’s time to talk about breakfast! Pancakes, waffles and French Toast to be exact! Cinnamon Roll French Toast From Doll House Bake Shoppe. A mix of the most delicious foods- french toast and cinnamon rolls! Imagine a cream cheese glaze swirled on top of your favorite french toast stuffed with a decadent warm cinnamon roll […]

Thanksgiving Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Turkey Pancakes. Here’s a healthy way to start your day from My Creative Stirrings. Pumpkin wheat pancakes that look just like a friendly turkey! Your kids will love these! Pumpkin French Toast. This delicious recipe from Emily Bites is the ultimate pumpkin lovers recipe. This will fill your belly with a warm seasonal fall twist […]

Cheerios French Toast Sticks

What kid wouldn’t love to eat cheerios and french toast for breakfast? Imagine if you combined the two you would be super mom (as if you weren’t already). I though of this recipe when I was in the supermarket and saw french toast sticks in the freezer section but I wanted to come up with […]

Pumpkin French Toast

II saved the best pumpkin recipes for last….Pumpkin French toast.  I basically kicked up a traditional french toast recipe with pumpkin puree.  The pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spices adds such a warm, delicious pumpkin flavor that you may never make plain French toast again! The pumpkin puree gives the batter such a nice orange color […]

Seven Scrumptious Pancake Recipes for the Weekend

  The weekend is the best time to treat our families to a big batch of mouth-watering pancakes. I’m such a big pancake-lover that many of my dinners in college turned out to be pancakes. They are easy to make and by adding ingredients and tweaking the recipes, you can make a different kind of […]

Breakfast Of Champions: Crispy Wheat Germ French Toast

  I have two boys under four years old and to say their eating habits are erratic would be an understatement. One day they love something and the next won’t even look at it. It can be frustrating but I try to stay the course and constantly offer them a variety of nutritious foods. No […]