Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Soup Recipe

Summer is officially over next week and the chaos of school and sports has begun which means that I’ve already dusted off the Crockpot. That’s right, my Crockpot works over time in the fall when I just don’t have time to make dinner in the late afternoon. Preparing everything and throwing it in the Crockpot […]

10 Fabulous Crockpot Paleo Meals

Aren’t we all trying to eat healthier? I’ve been trying to introduce more paleo meals into my family meal planning, but it can be hard to make the switch. I don’t know about you, but I often feel like paleo meals, or any healthy meals for that matter, seem to take so long to make […]

Kid Friendly Dinners

Some kids will eat anything and some kids (like my son) are incredibly picky. So I’ve been looking around and picked out eight kid friendly dinners that I hope all children will enjoy. You can even get your little ones in the kitchen with you to make some of them!   Sloppy Joes From Six […]

Cast Iron Enchilada Bake

Once upon a time I was low on grocery money and high on random pantry ingredients and fridge leftovers. Often times this will result in breakfast for dinner or a mix and match meal. But, one night, the magic must have flew into my kitchen because something truly wonderful occurred. It’s called Cast Iron Enchilada […]

Zucchini Pasta Recipe

I’d love to spin this post as the perfect way to help your kids eat more vegetables, but that’s honestly not my focus. Although this recipe is delicious in my book, my kids still turned their noses up at it. My daughter shrieked at its’ “greenness” and my sauce licked the sauce off each zucchini […]

Crockpot Tortellini and Sausage Soup

  Last night I hit a homerun with the family by making a new soup for dinner. I knew the whole family loved traditional tortellini with alfredo sauce so when I saw the variety of Tortellini Soups all over Pinterest, I knew I had to make one. I settled for a Tortellini and Sausage Soup […]

Crockpot Chili

It is an understatement to say that I’m a little obsessed with my crockpot lately. As a matter of fact, I’ve been crockpoting so much lately, that my trusty crockpot that I’ve had for years stopped working correctly. So this past weekend, it was crockpot shopping time! I picked up a great one at Target […]

10 More Yummy Weight Watcher Recipes

  I’m happy to say that the healthy eating has been going great the last 2 weeks! I haven’t made any desserts and ALL our dinner have been on track! I even have my kids eating spinach every single day. Okay well, they are drinking spinach in green smoothies, but if you knew my 6 […]

Bacon Gouda Mac ‘n Cheese

BACON GOUDA MAC ‘N CHEESE INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup butter 5 tablespoons flour 1 1/2 cups heavy cream 1 cup 2% milk 1 cup Gouda cheese, divided into 3/4 cup and 1/4 cup 1 cup mozzarella cheese 10 ounces pasta, I chose farafelle (bow ties) 6 pieces of bacon, chopped 1 teaspoon pepper 2 teaspoons Himalayan […]

Panera Bread Knock-Off: Broccoli Cheddar Soup

With the ridiculously cold weather in Chicago this year, I’ve been on a warm soup for dinner kick. The Crockpot Cheesy Potato Soup is our favorite but Broccoli Cheddar Soup is becoming a close second. A couple weeks ago I tried a great broccoli cheese soup that turned out great, but since I don’t just […]