Ten St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

With St Patrick’s Day coming up and treats on my mind, I’ve rounded up ten clever and festive desserts that you and your kids will enjoy making, serving and eating! Photo Source: Glorious Treats Lucky Rainbow Jello- Glorious Treats. Kids will adore having their own tasty rainbows this St Patrick’s Day! Photo Source: She Knows Green […]

4th of July Pie

It’s America’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a bit of pie? This recipe is one of our family’s favorites and berry placement is the perfect activity for little ones who are eager to join you in the kitchen. Fourth of July Pie Ingredients 1 – 9 inch graham cracker crust 4 […]

Dark Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Cookies

Last weekend, it felt like a bake-off at my parent’s house. Sure, I was the only one participating and I kept trying to top my own desserts, but it was a “bake-off” nonetheless. Between the swimming, BBQing, Death by Chocolate M&M Magic Bars and Turtle Magic Bars, someone said, “where are the cookies?” That’s right, […]

10 Yummy Easter Desserts

Easter is a little late this year (April 20) but that doesn’t mean we can’t get prepared early. I figure as soon as March starts, not matter how much snow is on the ground, you can start making spring and Easter treats. Chocolate, bunnies, Easter eggs and things like that just get me in the […]

8 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Today we’re talking cute Christmas cookies. Tis the season for baking, cookies, and all things sweets! Whether you need to whip up a batch of cookies for friends and family or for a holiday party or your kids classroom, I’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most clever Christmas cookies around so today I’ve […]

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Dessert Ideas

Thanksgiving means pumpkin. It also means delicious foods and desserts! Thanksgiving always gives me the excuse of buying a cart full of canned pumpkin so I can go to town turning every recipe I know into a pumpkin recipe. Today I’ve gathered together some Thanksgiving pumpkin dessert ideas for you that are bound to be […]

10 Delicious Dessert Bars You Will Want To Make

My family has always been big on dessert bars. They are like the perfect combination of cookie, brownie, cake, cheesecake, you name it, it has it! You can basically turn any of your favorite treats into a dessert bar and they are usually pretty easy to make. Today I’ve gathered together 10 delicious dessert bars […]

15 Macadamia Nut Recipes

Don’t miss another fabulous recipe! Follow us on Facebook for yummy recipes everyday! In honor of National Macadamia Nut Day, I am sharing 15 amazing macadamia nut recipes with you all today to make and enjoy! White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies. My favorite kind of cookies. This recipe from Kitchen Treaty is sure to be […]

DIY Baby Shower (or just a Party!) Cake Pops

As part of the party planning of my sister-in-law’s baby shower last week, I was put in charge of a dessert and party games. The games were easy because there are standard baby shower games that everyone gets to suffer through enjoy. The dessert was a bit trickier. Do I do a sit-down dessert that […]

10 Campfire Desserts

Summer is the one time of year my husband can drag me outside to camp. I try to make the most of the great outdoors by letting my children play in (and eat) dirt while I sit in a collapsible chair and relax. I also use camping as an excuse to eat some sort of […]