Caramel Brown Sugar Pound Cake

During the holidays with my family, at some point I decided that I had made enough cookies for the time being. I know, blasphemy! There can never be too many cookies, right?!? Well, I wanted to switch it up and make a cake but nothing like a birthday cake. I wasn’t looking for a light […]

Dark Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Cookies

Last weekend, it felt like a bake-off at my parent’s house. Sure, I was the only one participating and I kept trying to top my own desserts, but it was a “bake-off” nonetheless. Between the swimming, BBQing, Death by Chocolate M&M Magic Bars and Turtle Magic Bars, someone said, “where are the cookies?” That’s right, […]

Magic Turtle Bars

I’m going to be honest, I am on a roll this weekend. I haven’t made too many treats since returning from Hawaii in February and jumping feet first into a healthy eating kick. I caught a glimpse of myself in a swimsuit on video that trip and it wasn’t good. Clearly, this Memorial Day weekend is […]

Chocolate Covered Caramel Pretzel Crisps

I’ve said it before – holiday baking is still in full effect! I’m visiting with my family over the holidays and there are A LOT of us! Lots of people to eat all my goodies, so I’m making a ton this week! Plus, get me together with my sister-in-law Katie, and crazy, yummy baking happens. […]

Hot Fudge Turtle Ice Cream Pops

Remember a couple weeks ago when I made the Double Strawberry Fudge Ice Cream Pops? Well, they were a huge hit but I realized that not everyone likes strawberry. So, this weekend I decided to experiment with another flavor and these might just be even better than the first ones. The best thing about making […]

Snickers Brownie Bombs

Brownie Bombs are the bomb. There I said it. Does it get any better than brownie wrapped around something else amazing like peanut butter balls and dipped in chocolate?!? I say no. That’s why today we are creating a new kind of Brownie Bomb – the Snickers Brownie Bomb. Why not add my favorite bite-size candy bar to brownies and […]

Drumstick Brownie Ice Cream Dessert

Since the summer is under way, my kids have been obsessed with Drumsticks. Every time we are at the grocery store, they beg me to pick up a box. Problem is that Drumsticks are expensive. There are only 4 in a box (unless you get the big 8 cone box) and it costs about $4. […]

Pretzel Crusted Caramel Brownies

This weekend we have family coming into town for my daughter’s First Communion. Now, you know when my family gets together it means that I need to get my baking hat on and whip up some great desserts. I’ve already had some requests for the Pumpkin Crunch Cake and the Strawberry Cake (which I plan […]

Twix Brownie Recipe

This weekend we were invited to our neighbor’s house to hang out. Well, really they invited another couple over for the afternoon and they wanted us there to bring more conversation. You know, make it less awkward. We aren’t shy people so they figured we would come in with our circus…I mean our three children…and […]

Homemade Girl Scout Samoa Cookie Recipe

Seriously, I can’t stop. First, the Thin Mints and then the Tagalongs. And now the Samoas (aka Caramel deLites)! I swear I’m not trying to affect the Girl Scout cookie sales at all, but people, these homemade versions are GOOD! As in BETTER than the boxed versions! I’m sorry, girls in scout uniforms, but these […]