10 Great Rice Krispie Recipes

What kid doesn’t like Rice Krispie Treats? I’m sure there are a few but the majority probably loves them. I know I do and I’m a big kid at heast. My mom used to make the traditional Rice Krispie Treats when I was little and I now whip them up for my kids. Sometimes it’s […]

Pretzel Crusted Caramel Brownies

This weekend we have family coming into town for my daughter’s First Communion. Now, you know when my family gets together it means that I need to get my baking hat on and whip up some great desserts. I’ve already had some requests for the Pumpkin Crunch Cake and the Strawberry Cake (which I plan […]

Healthy Family Eating with the Vitamix +GIVEAWAY

 Congrats to our winner – Entry #6429 – Danielle M-G. I have recently discovered one of my new favorite kitchen appliances. To the kitchen amateur, this may look like just an ordinary blender, but in reality it is so much more. The Vitamix 5200 gives you the ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind and […]

Twix Brownie Recipe

This weekend we were invited to our neighbor’s house to hang out. Well, really they invited another couple over for the afternoon and they wanted us there to bring more conversation. You know, make it less awkward. We aren’t shy people so they figured we would come in with our circus…I mean our three children…and […]

Keeping Kids Healthy One Day at a Time (VIDEO)

I’m not a perfect mom by any means but I do try to get my kids to eat healthy. I make an effort to get them to eat more fruits and veggies each day, but if you know kids, it’s not an easy task. One doesn’t like strawberries, the other one wouldn’t get near a piece […]

Brownie Peanut Butter Bombs

Since it is Easter this weekend, I’m with my family again. You know what that means, right? Plenty of baking! I’m not going to do a lot of chatter before telling you how to make these gems because it’s just mean to delay. When I saw these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs on Pinterest, […]

Homemade Girl Scout Samoa Cookie Recipe

Seriously, I can’t stop. First, the Thin Mints and then the Tagalongs. And now the Samoas (aka Caramel deLites)! I swear I’m not trying to affect the Girl Scout cookie sales at all, but people, these homemade versions are GOOD! As in BETTER than the boxed versions! I’m sorry, girls in scout uniforms, but these […]

Girl Scout Tagalong Cookie Recipe

Earlier in the week, I shared a delicious Thin Mint cookie recipe. While Thin Mints are awesome and ONE of my favorites, my other favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Tagalong. You know, the crunchy shortbread cookie with peanut butter filling and covered in chocolate. Yum. The problem with the Tagalongs besides the fact that […]

Thin Mint Cookie Recipe

It’s that time of year! Yep, when all the adorable little Girl Scouts hit the streets peddling cookies. Some may say that it is the best time of year when those yummy rectangular boxes of cookies are delivered. I love Girl Scout cookies! The problem is that they are only available one time a year […]

Snickers Brownies

As Superbowl was approaching last week I knew I needed a good dessert to bring to the party we were headed to. It couldn’t be a girly dessert since this was the Superbowl after all. It had to be easy to make because I was swamped planning and pulling off two birthday parties the week before. […]